Depositphotos_43928957_xsThe Viking Age (8th century-11th century) calls to mind the bloodthirsty savagery of the infamous pirates. But did you know that the Vikings were also accomplished global tradesmen?

The Vikings took advantages of the prominent technological advances of their time. Manufacturing improvements (such as looms and potter’s wheels) increased the volume and availability of goods that were desired beyond local borders.

Market towns formed as trade links grew among the North Sea, the Baltic, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The Vikings used specialized tools and skills and created well-organized supply chains. As their craft developed, so did urbanization and long-distance trade.

Trade was enhanced, of course, by the expert shipbuilding and navigation skills of the Vikings. With the invention of the sail came not only their warships but also enormous cargo vessels for moving goods to and fro.

Viking goods included specialized brooches, glass beads, and ornate combs made of animal bones, to name just a few. Their fine wares were exhibited as far away as China, making these expert craftsmen some of the first global traders ever.

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