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Import Dumping Shuts Down American Businesses

?????????????????????The International Trade Commission announced that six nations – India, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam – dumped gas and oil pipe onto the U.S. market.

A U.S. industry is materially injured or threatened with material injury by reason of imports of certain oil country tubular goods from [these countries],” the ITC said. […]

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International Food Trade Provides Healthy Food Options


Depositphotos_54758113_xsAs patriots, it’s honorable to choose your nation’s goods over those from another country, but sometimes it’s simply not an option. Food campaigners in the U.K. discovered this very thing when they complained about the grocery stores’ lack of home-grown apples. […]

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3 Qualities of a Good International Trade Manager

??????????????????????????????????????????????????You want to import from China, but you’re not sure about the protocol. Are there contracts involved? How will you approach quality control? Are your suppliers trustworthy? These and other critical questions should be answered before you venture into global trade.

An international trade manager can help. Walker World Trade has 78 years of experience in the import-export industry and has developed outstanding relationships with China suppliers and transporters. Here’s how we can help you expand your business:


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Exploring China’s Home Shopping Industry

?????????????????????????????Is your business looking to do business in China? You may want to investigate China’s quickly expanding home shopping industry which, in 2012, was $9.3 billion. Sellers of consumer goods, food products, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics may find this type of venture particularly lucrative.

China has 39 home shopping networks on television. Most of these networks are for regional viewing, but nearly a dozen have national TV licenses and can be viewed anywhere in the country.


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