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For 76 years Walker has established worldwide relationships with trustworthy and experienced global sources that deliver quality products at competitive prices. The result: greater efficiency and increased profits for our clients.     Are you looking for an Import Export Company to assist you with importing products from China, Asia or European manufacturers? Call Walker World Trade at (248) 644-7700 today for your Import / Export and logistics needs.

Walker International provides a complete range of import and export services.

Walker will provide services for all aspects of your product development and logistics.

  • Product Sourcing – Finding a qualified, trustworthy, reliable, price competitive global source
  • Factory due diligence and product development, from inception to prototyping
  • Procurement assistance and production management
  • Shipping the product from the offshore factory to the importer’s destination
  • Booking of cargo for ocean or air freight transport
  • Management of US Customs, Homeland Security, Federal Government filings
  • Tracking of shipments
  • Local delivery to the client’s destination
  • Calculate the landed cost: the cost upon which the client bases his selling price

In other words: Walker provides complete import and export management including factory due diligence, design, development, prototyping, production and logistics.

Save Money, Time and the Headache Involved in Importing or Exporting:

  • Don’t want to hire a full time import export management staff?
  • Want to save on health insurance, workman’s comp, and so on?
  • Confused by duties, bonds, ISF’s, U.S. Customs requirements?
  • Concerned about filing the wrong documents?
  • Or are you having trouble finding a reliable, trustworthy, price competitive offshore supplier?

Call Walker World Trade at (248) 644-7700 today for your Import / Export and logistics needs. We’ve been in the business since 1936. We will help you start up and maintain a successful import and export program. You focus on what you do best. We’ll help manage your imports. That’s what we do best.

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