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Challenges of Cross-Border Digital Trade

??????????????????????The internet has opened up global trade and leveled the playing field for big companies and small cottage industries worldwide. Digital communication has helped boost trade among a large number of countries, but importing companies still face a number of obstacles, including lack of information, customs barriers, and differences […]

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Vikings: The First International Traders?

Depositphotos_43928957_xsThe Viking Age (8th century-11th century) calls to mind the bloodthirsty savagery of the infamous pirates. But did you know that the Vikings were also accomplished global tradesmen?

The Vikings took advantages of the prominent technological advances of their time. Manufacturing improvements (such as looms and […]

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What is De-Dollarization?

????????????????????????????????There is much talk about de-dollarization—the intent of nations to trade exclusively in local currency. Most recently, Iran and Russia announced their intention to do so, positioning themselves to be less affected by U.S. financial sanctions. What does this mean for international trade?

The fact remains that […]

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