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One of the challenges confronting importers is discovering trustworthy and experienced offshore manufacturing sources, whether in China or other areas of the Pacific Rim or throughout Europe. One method of discovery is via Internet search engines that offer advertising space for global sources.

However, it is difficult to discern by those ads if the company advertising is a manufacturer or a trading company or simply a sales person representing him / herself as a factory.

An alternative method of offshore manufacturer sourcing is to use a sourcing agent.

Employing a sourcing agent such as Walker International for discovery of global manufacturer sourcing provides the importer with reassurance that factories contacted are experienced and trustworthy. In addition, it provides the importer with a direct link to the manufacturer, rather than through a trading company.

When clients enlist Walker’s sourcing agency services, our clients realize cost savings by:

  • Avoiding the costs of additional personnel, Social Security, Workman’s Comp, Health insurance
  • Reducing the risk and expense of working with unqualified global sources
  • Working with a sourcing agency that will maintain regular communications with global suppliers
  • Working with a sourcing agency that will provide cost analyses with accurate and timely freight, Customs information
  • Realizing freight discounts gained from contracts based on shipping volumes of many clients with over sixteen carriers

The expense and risk of hiring personnel for a ‘new’ offshore manufacturing-sourcing program doesn’t make fiscal sense.

Walker is aligned with over 400 worldwide manufacturers. We have been working with some offshore manufacturers for fifty continuous years. The owners of the manufacturers share Walker’s values, and those owners know other manufacturers whose values and business practices are the same as Walker and Walker’s long-time suppliers.

‘Getting it right the first time’ will provide the platform from which importers can grow, working with trustworthy global manufacturers that are aligned with Walker International.


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