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Freight Forwarding 101

???????????????????Thanks to international trade managers, businesses are now able to import and export goods with more peace of mind than ever. As one of these agencies, we at Walker World Trade have developed the expertise and built the relationships that enable you to do business all over the world.


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Get Import Assistance You Can Rely On

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????Dealing with international suppliers is complicated and time-consuming. There is an awful lot involved with getting parts, materials, supplies and finished products from there to here. Fortunately, a China sourcing agency like Walker World Trade knows exactly what to do. […]

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Importing from China? Beware Of Dumping and Countervailing

?????????????????????????????????The China manufacturers and suppliers you do business are focused on their bottom line – worrying about anti-dumping legislation and countervailing duty falls to you. An international trade manager will help you understand all of the rules and regulations involved so you don’t find yourself in hot water.


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Are You Working With an International Manufacturer or a Trading Company?

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The internet is a fantastic source for gathering information, but not everything you read on the world wide web is 100 percent true and accurate.  Take global sourcing, for example. Many companies that advertise on well-known internet search engine sites are trading companies, not global manufacturers. Do you know who you’re working with? […]

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