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Product design and prototyping with Walker International’s affiliated offshore global manufacturers requires experience and expertise from all participants: the client, the offshore manufacturer and the global sourcing / import management company.

The offshore factories aligned with Walker have in-house engineers and management that understand American design, prototype and business requirements. Whether Walker’s clients have hand-made samples or mechanical drawings, 2D or 3D drawings or AutoCads, our offshore factories can “engineer backwards” from samples or work with more sophisticated information.

Prior transactions with other American clients insures that the educated and experienced engineering and management staff of our global manufacturers will provide efficient product design and prototype development.

State of the art equipment at first class manufacturing facilities, in depth know-how in applying statistical process controls, on site problem-solving and real-time communication has reassured Walker’s clients for over 75 years that the job will get done right.

Factories in industries ranging from plastic injection molding, metal stamping, forging, or electronic and circuit designing and assembly provide one-stop-solutions for OEM or ODM products and prototype needs.

In other words, from product design, prototyping and development to packaging and assembly for OEM and ODM….we get our clients what they want and need and add value to their ideas.

For industries that require special engineering Walker’s factories have in-house software engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial design engineers, RF engineers and power engineers.

Special services include ESD testing, environmental chamber controlling temperature and humidity, testing facilities, SMT-automatic surface mounting, Pro-E industrial design, SLA prototyping, plastic mold tooling and manufacture, mechanical / packaging design, electronic circuit design and testing.

Some of our factories have worked with such known clients as Wal-Mart, COSTCO, Apple, GE, TEAC, Sanyo, Molex, Radio Shack, Phillips, the United States Government and others.

From product design to prototyping to production to shipment from the offshore port to the USA, and U.S. Customs and ‘to door’ delivery: Walker’s product design and prototyping services provide our clients with the one stop shop that allows them to focus on their core competencies.

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