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How Freight Forwarding Can Work For You

Depositphotos_8680053_xsInternational shipping, both importing and exporting, can include a whole host of carriers and legalities. Fortunately, freight forwarding services are available to manage the overwhelming logistics involved.


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Tariff Classification Is Serious Business

???????????????????????????????????????????????Importing and exporting product requires a significant amount of paperwork. If that paperwork is not completely properly and within the law, then your business can come to a screeching halt.


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Export Labeling Requirements: Are You Prepared?

???????????????You researched demand, tested samples and worked out international pricing. The European market is ready for your product, but are you ready to ship?


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Cross-Cultural Communication Barriers Cost Big Bucks

Language BarriersOne of the biggest obstacles you may face when conducting international business is that of communication. The person with whom you’re dealing may speak English, but does he or she actually speak your language?

Communication barriers cost time and money and can quickly result in ill will between client and supplier. An experienced global sourcing agent can keep the lines of communication open and the international business relationship healthy and positive. […]

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