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How to Get Your Offshore Products “From There to Here”

First-time importers will discover as they investigate the process of importing that finding a quality manufacturer is not the only challenge. Once you’ve determined what importer you will be working with, the next obstacle to overcome is getting your offshore products to your doorstep. […]

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Determining the Viability of China Manufacturers That Advertise Online

Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Sources, and B2B China Sources are familiar online marketplaces and directories – but just because something pops up first in an online search result does not automatically make it a legitimate and reliable resource for global sourcing. […]

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How to Guarantee Product Quality from an Offshore Factory

One of the most daunting elements when you choose to import from China or Europe is being unable to know what kind of quality you’ll be getting until the product is right in front of you (if it makes it that far). Using a sourcing agent gives you confidence that your money, time, and efforts will be worthwhile. […]

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