by Walker World Trade – International Trade Management Since 1936

For 76 years Walker has established worldwide relationships with trustworthy and experienced global sources that deliver quality products at competitive prices. The result: greater efficiency and increased profits for our clients.     Are you looking for assistance with offshore product development, manufacturing and import logistics? Call Walker World Trade at (248) 644-7700 today for your product development and logistics needs.


Walker offers clients a complete range of product development services:

  • Factory due diligence
  • Prototype design and development and prototyping
  • Engineering support
  • Procurement
  • Quality control
  • Walker deals with the people who make the deals, leveraging our culturally correct contacts at management levels above those of sales.
  • Complete supply chain management: booking of air / ocean freight, ISF filing, Customs, de-vanning and warehousing, local delivery
  • Complete “turn-key” liaison office relationship with our client.

Developing Great Products Begins with Relationships:

Product development begins with the relationship. The relationship is the most import product Walker provides. The most important aspect of that ‘product’? Trust.

Since 1936 Walker International has established dependable, responsible and loyal relationships with our partner manufacturers on behalf of our clients. This trust is the result of hundreds of trips to these worldwide suppliers by Walker’s executives, thousands of meetings, factory inspections and innumerable success stories across many industries.

Since 1936 Walker has managed global product development for millions of imported products for thousands of clients from Ma and Pa stores, inventors, startups to Big Boxes and the Federal Government.

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