Plastic Injection Molding and Plastic Products and Assemblies from ChinaPlastic products are invaluable in the construction of toys, printers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, automotive parts, and so much more. The different forms of molds and mold processes can result in flexible or rigid lightweight articles that can fulfill the needs of almost any industry.

Walker International’s plastic injection manufacturers specialize in single- and double-injection (two-shot injection molding), micro molding, overmolding, insert molding, IMD (In-Mold Decoration), complex molding, rapid prototyping, and EMS/contract assembly.

Plastic Injected Molded Products

Plastic parts are used in a broad range of industries:


  • Aerospace products
    • Information signs
    • Lighting components
    • Components for on-board visual devices


  • Medical
    • Housing components for testing devices
    • Health care products
    • ISO13485 for manufacturing medical devices


  • Appliances
    • Internal components
    • Handles and latches
    • Housing


  • Automotive parts
    • TPE/plastic double-injection components
    • Quick soft-tooling products
    • Interior components such as console and dashboard items


  • Consumer products
    • Wearable technology products with assembly processors
    • Overmolding TPE electrical devices
    • Housing for appliances
    • Underwater diving camera
    • Smart watches


  • Electronics
    • Computer peripherals
    • Frames for various computer equipment
    • Electronic interior parts


  • HVAC
    • Covers
    • Baffles
    • Separators
    • Brackets


Walker International is aligned with established China manufacturers of plastic injection molding and plastic products and assemblies. We offer a complete range of logistics services for importers of plastic products from China, including factor-to-door delivery and the completion of customs requirements.