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Apple Can’t Afford Manufacturing Delays – Can You?

With the release of a new Apple product comes incredibly high demand. The iPhone 5 officially debuted on September 21 and has already encountered setbacks in production. Demand is far higher than supply, and these troubles have been compounded by difficulties with overseas suppliers.

Foxconn Technology Group in Taiwan assembles iPhones, but they found it necessary to close a plant in China after 2,000 workers were involved in a brawl. Is the shutdown temporary or permanent? Only time will tell. But the fact is, Apple is scrambling to get production back on track. […]

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How to Avoid the Biggest Errors in International Trade

Whether you run a large organization, a small company, or you’re doing everything solo, the goal is always to find the most cost-efficient ways to take care of every part of your business.

When your line of work requires you to deal in the world of international trade, things don’t have to get complicated. It isn’t necessary to hire another employee, develop a new department, or try to figure out the intricacies of overseas importing all on your own. […]

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