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When the Product You Ordered is Not What’s Delivered

There are enough delays in international business without placing a large order for product or supplies only to have the wrong items arrive at your doorstep weeks or months later. At that point, you’re back to square one – and now your schedule has been delayed, your budget has been altered, and your frustration level is undoubtedly sky-high.

How Did This Happen?

One of the biggest questions you want answered immediately after an incorrect shipment is: “How did this happen?” Oftentimes, working with subpar or unverified international suppliers will result in errors in shipments and, unfortunately, money lost. […]

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The Two Biggest Reasons Shipping Goes Wrong

Here’s a version of a question that global sourcing agents often hear: “I was told my product would be delivered to my place in Chicago. So why is it in Miami?” Unfortunately, all too often, people who attempt to import from China manufacturers without professional international trade guidance find themselves in a sticky situation when their order does not end up where they originally asked for it to be.

There are many ways that logistics can go wrong when it comes to importing goods. It’s not that people dealing with international suppliers intentionally exercise poor judgment – you just want to get your results quickly and in the best way possible. But your good intentions could be your doom. […]

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