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Are Your Orders “Big Enough” To Import From China

??????????????????Small businesses often question whether or not it’s viable to source small volumes from a China manufacturer.  With 78 years of experience in the arena, Walker World Trade has the answer.

Do I have to meet a minimum order requirement?

Probably. Most Chinese suppliers set an MOQ […]

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How To Import From China: Finding The Perfect Supplier

????????????????????????????Importing from China presents tremendous business opportunities for both established businesses and start-up companies. And the key turning these opportunities into profitable ventures revolves around one critical step: finding the right product and the right supplier.

As with any […]

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The Latest Import News From Around The World


Importers worldwide are making major changes to their imports. These nations have taken stock of their 4th-quarter economies and made 2015 budget adjustments accordingly. Will their import cutbacks affect your export business? Read on to find out:

South Korea:  Automobile Imports

For the first time in a […]

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Food Importers: U.S. Among Top 10 Safety Violators

???????????????????When food is exported from one country to another, it is monitored by Food Sentry, a team of food analysts who strive to protect American consumers from pathogen-compromised foods. Unfortunately, for 2013, the U.S. was one of the top 10 countries with the […]

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