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‘Exporting’ is a word that is usually associated with exporting / shipping products that are made in the United States, or products that are located in the United States but made elsewhere, to another country outside of the United States.

Walker International’s ‘On Demand Export Services for Specialized Client Interests’ involve all aspects required for exporting from the USA to another country.

Walker International’s global network of freight forwarders and Customs agents provide many value added import and export freight forwarding and Customs service including the following services.

  • Global airport-to-airport or seaport-to-seaport
  • Walker will provide export groupage or consolidation.
  • Specialized transportation for hazardous good and fragile goods
  • Refrigerated transport.

NOTE: There are restrictions on exporting certain products, whether having to do with hazardous material or other issues.

When submitting an RFQ for export rates clients should provide:

  • Pick up location of the cargo or the USA port of origin
  • Name of the shipper
  • Complete description of the cargo, with MSDS if necessary
  • NOTE: Shipper’s declaration of hazardous material form may be necessary
  • Commercial invoice value of the cargo
  • Date that the cargo will be delivered to the air / seaport of origin or date of pick up
  • Weight of the cargo, cubic measurement of the cargo, number of cartons or crates to be shipped. Weight and measure of each carton or drum etc. to be shipped
  • Name of the port of discharge

Walker recommends that clients exporting goods require their client in the offshore country to clear Customs in that country and arrange for local delivery.

Customs services and local delivery services are available through Walker’s agents in offshore countries. However, American clients exporting products offshore are better served when their offshore clients manage Customs and local delivery in their country.

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