?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You may be tempted to source an international manufacturer on your own, but the process is long and complex. An international trade manager such as Walker World Trade can help you overcome not only communication barriers, but some of these complicated import issues as well:

1:  Sourcing

Ideally, every importer would hire personnel to oversee the sourcing of products from an international supplier, but that’s not always a viable option. Still, it’s important to have someone acting on your behalf because, unfortunately, not all overseas manufacturers are what they seem.

When you “secure” your source with nothing more than information gathered from a website, you set yourself up for the possibility that your so-called supplier is a scammer. Enlisting the help of an international trade manager such as Walker ensures that you will not be sending money to a company that doesn’t even have a legitimate factory.

2:  Pricing

Negotiating with an international seller takes more than picking up the phone or exchanging emails. Cultural differences and language barriers can make otherwise manageable tasks—reaching out to a customer representative, communicating design elements, negotiating prices—far more difficult. As a materials sourcing agency, Walker is familiar with overseas manufacturers and suppliers an equipped to communicate with them directly.

3: Quality control

Since you will not be there to oversee the production of your goods, you may find that the quality is not up to par with your specs. Walker can help. We can manage the pre-production process—factory inspection, prototype evaluations—to  ensure that your product meets your expectations.

4: Transport

Getting the product from there to here can be challenging and expensive. Walker has the resources to help. Instead of hiring a third-party shipping, we can manage freight forwarding for you. You will receive your goods in a timely and affordable manner… without a hassle.

5: Customs

You’ve budgeted for the manufacturing and transport costs of your imports, but have you estimated the additional fees involved in international shipments? It is possible for customs, duties, and tax fees to as much as double the cost of your product. In working with Walker, you will be prepared for these costs upfront. Since we are involved with the importing and exporting of goods on a regular basis, we are in a position to get lower rates that we can pass along to you.

Contact Walker World Trade before you embark on your import business.