?????????You’re planning to export your goods – nutraceuticals, cosmetics, food, etc. – to Europe. You’ve assessed demand, sampled your products and established an appropriate target price range among potential customers. But have you done all of your homework?

Labeling Requirements Are Precise and Restrictive

When exporting to European clients, it’s critical that you investigate the labeling requirements of each country in which you hope to sell your products. There are precise and restrictive labeling rules to which you must adhere… and these rules can significantly impact your cost of goods.

The objective is to ensure that European consumers, in order to protect their health and interests, have access to complete information on the content and composition of your products. You may also find that you must provide details about your goods’ origin, production methods, allergenic compounds, and other specifics. All of these labeling requirements go above and beyond your responsibility to provide packaging that will prevent the contamination or decomposition of your products.

Let the Experts Guide Your Exports

Walker World Trade can help. We can arrange freight from your American facility to your various European clients’ ship-to addresses, and we can advise you on specific labeling requirements and help you determine their associated costs. Because, after all, the objective to doing business in Europe is to make, not lose, money.

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