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Importing Laptop and iTablet Computers from China / PacRim

by Walker World Trade – International Trade Management Since 1936

China Laptop & Tablet Computer Manufacturer Sourcing by Walker World TradeImport laptop and tablet computers from China with Walker World Trade

Are you searching for a trustworthy and qualified source of laptop and tablet computers from China?

Call Walker World Trade at (248) 644-7700 today for your China Laptops and Tablet Computer sourcing and logistics needs.

Walker works with offshore suppliers that stand behind their products. You won’t have to worry about the integrity of laptop, iTablet or computer suppliers discovered on the Internet. We’ll reduce your risks, manage your imports, including freight and Customs. The end result? Increased profits.

Import products from our China and PacRim Laptop, iTablet and Computer Suppliers Include:

  •  Laptop computers
  •  Tablet computers
  •  Desktop computers
  •  Computer components
  •  Computer electronics
  •  Computerized systems
  •  And more

How Importing Computers from China and the PacRim Works:

Depending upon whether you buy laptop, iTablet or any other type of computer, offshore manufacturers will usually require a minimum order quantity per type of computer.

Terms from our offshore suppliers are 30% down payment with the order, and the balance upon notification of booking with the steamship carrier.

Walker will manage all ocean freight, United States Customs fees and filings, payment of duties and taxes and local delivery to your destination.

Step 1:

If possible, before you call, have the following information ready:

Complete description of the computers you want

Processor, storage, memory etc. information

Material specifications

Measurements of relevant features

Pictures of the computers you want to import

Step 2: Call Walker World Trade at (248) 644-7700. We’ll discuss your project and learn about the product, and your goals, objectives, timetable, and target pricing.

Step 3: If there are no design and development services required, we’ll send you information to the appropriate supplier. If you need design and development services, we’ll send you a feasibility proposal that will outline everything you need to know about importing the computer of interest.

Why Walker World Trade?

Throughout our 76 years of international trade management Walker International has aligned itself with reputable, trustworthy, quality-conscious and experienced offshore computer manufacturers in China.

Doing business for over 76 years, and over 100 trips to China and the Pacific Rim, results in developing relationships with offshore factories in a broad range of industries.

Our factories stand behind their product. And when you work with Walker’s factories, whether in China or other countries in the Pacific Rim, or Europe, you know what you are getting, unlike searching the Internet for offshore factories that can place their ads in any search engine, and look ‘good’.

Experience counts. We’ve got it. Others don’t.

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