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Importing Products from China
by Walker World Trade – International Trade Management Since 1936

Import products from China with Walker World Trade

We can import these products and many others.


Here are some additional products we import:

  • Acrylic products
    • In store / retail displays: OEM, ODM
    • Housewares
  • Furniture
    • Hotel furniture
    • Home furniture, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets
    • Office furniture
    • Other commercial furniture including educational
  • Memory foam mattress, regular foam mattress etc.
  • Composite aluminum building panels
  • Lights and lighting, LED, flashlights etc.
  • Floor, wall ceramic, glass and porcelain tiles
  • Marble, granite
  • Doors: wood, steel
  • Flooring
  • Building supplies
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Hardware items: fasteners etc.
  • Plumbing products / bathroom products
    • Toilets
    • Bidets
    • Faucets
    • Jacuzzis / Whirlpool / Sauna (including Finnish style)
    • Shower stalls
    • Sinks (ceramic and stainless steel)
    • Bathroom accessories
    • Bathtubs. Toilets
  • Kitchen knives: promotional to Damascus
  • Kitchen accessories, appliances, hand operated and electric
  • Wicker baskets and wicker furniture
  • Sporting goods
    • Soccer and other types of inflatables including basketballs, volleyballs etc.
    • Pop A Shot electronic basketball game
    • Baseballs, softballs
    • Fishing waders and outdoor footwear (including gardening boots)
    • Fishing tackle
  • Outdoor recreational products
  • Metal stampings
  • Hand tools: Complete range of tools including electronic gauges, measuring devices etc.
  • “Organic” clothing: t-shirts, aprons, jute bags, and linens. OEM, ODM
  • Equestrian products: saddles, bridles, halters, reins, blankets
  • Electronic home, personal and small business security systems
  • Electronic car chargers (even Detroit junk car)
  • Modular plugs, patch cords, contact blades
  • Office and telecommunication equipment
  • Integrated circuits and electronic components
  • Plastic injection molded parts
  • Synthetic bowling lanes and accessories
  • OEM or ODM metal, plastic and other materials
  • Smoking accessories:
    • Cigar cutters, humidors
    • Carrying cases

If we haven’t yet serviced your industry, or imported a product of interest to you, one of our pre-qualified global sources factory owners will more than likely recommend a factory that does. Whether that’s finished product or parts or materials, Walker is aligned with global sources that are reliable, quality conscious and cost competitive.

Why Walker World Trade?

Throughout our 76 years of international trade management Walker International has aligned itself with reputable, trustworthy, quality-conscious and experienced offshore building materials manufacturers in China.

Doing business for over 76 years, and over 100 trips to China and the Pacific Rim, results in developing relationships with offshore factories in a broad range of industries.

Our factories stand behind their product. And when you work with Walker’s factories, whether in China or other countries in the Pacific Rim, or Europe, you know what you are getting, unlike searching the Internet for offshore factories that can place their ads in any search engine, and look ‘good’.

Experience counts. We’ve got it. Others don’t.

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