Itemized and transparent quotes: no surprises

All of our freight rates, fees, tariffs / duties, taxes, port charges, tolls, and fuel charges are explained clearly and then itemized and priced out on separate lines. No surprises.  Door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-port, port-to-door.  Ocean or air. FCL or LCL.

Benefit from contracts for over 200,000 TEUs

Clients’ rates are based on contracts with eighteen carriers for over 200,000 TEUs per year and more than 100,000,000 lbs. of air cargo per year. All clients benefit from contracts based on large volumes.

Global network of more than 300 locations: USA-based

All RFQ’s are managed by our American staff to insure clear, understandable, straightforward communication, proper Customs filing, tracking, troubleshooting and timely local delivery. Offshore offices provide our clients with regional distribution assistance, bonded warehousing, consolidation, clearing country of origin Customs, and logistical transportation to satisfy the supply chain.

Since 1936: freight, Customs, local delivery: proactive total supply chain management

WalkerWorldTrade’s ocean and air freight quotes are clearly written, straightforward, itemized and transparent. No hidden costs. No surprise ‘after-the-fact’ costs. Our North American staff maintains regular communication with our clients regarding booking, vessel departure, and USA port arrival and destination arrival status. GPS tracking affords our clients regular and accurate tracking information. If VACIS or MET exams are performed on cargo, clients are immediately informed and our North American staff provides daily status reports and makes every effort to expedite release and shipment to the clients destination. Logistical troubleshooting is part of the service WalkerWorldTrade provides its freight clients.

WalkerWorldTrade’s clients are kept informed about ocean and air cargo markets. Information regarding pending or possible increases or decreases are sent to clients so they can adjust or plan their cost analyses accordingly.

WalkerWorldTrade’s offshore regional managers are fluent in English and provide our clients with assistance for regional distribution, bonded warehousing, consolidation, certificate of origin compliance, country of origin Customs, replenishment and logistical transportation to satisfy the supply chain.