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The effectiveness of a global / import sourcing agency is dependent upon the agency’s relationships with global manufacturers: whether China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and all PacRim countries or European manufacturers.

Relationships can only be established through experience.

The standard by which a sourcing agency is measured is no different: the relationships with its offshore manufacturers are established through experience.

Experience breeds trust and loyalty.

In other words, a sourcing agency is as good as the global manufacturers with which it is aligned.

Since 1936 Walker has been establishing relationships with global sources.

Global sources can be discovered by means of Internet search engines.  An American company seeking qualified China manufacturers, for example, might base their factory selection upon the sophistication of the China factory’s website and the ‘certificates’ displayed in the site.

But the measure of integrity and trust between factory, sourcing agent and client is experience.

The quality of integrity and trust can only be acquired through repeated trustworthy and successful import transactions between the global manufacturer and the sourcing agency’s client.

Since 1936 Walker International has developed relationships with global manufacturers that share the Company’s values. Walker deals with personnel above sales.  The relationships between Walker and the owners of offshore factories provide the necessary foundation for any import commercial transaction.

These relationships provide Walker’s import clients with a network of qualified, price competitive, reliable, trustworthy, quality-driven and ‘straight shooting’ global manufacturers.

Our relationships with our suppliers mean one thing: trust.

Our clients trust Walker to deliver quality products, in a timely manner, at competitive prices.

In the import / export business, trust breeds success.

Walker’s two most important products? Trust and The Relationship.

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