Since 1936: 76 years of trustworthy relationships means premium quality, service, price and profits. From startups and inventors to Fortune 500’s.

How often have you heard the following complaints from business associates recounting their import experiences?

  • Incomplete due diligence
  • Inadequate supplier selection
  • Unsatisfactory communication
  • Unexplained delays
  • Unnecessary costs
  • Late shipments or lost shipments
  • Poor quality
  • Lost contract/client

The most important component to a successful import transaction that maximizes your profit is a trustworthy relationship between your company and its international trade advisor and your Pacific Rim supplier.

For over seventy-five years and more than 200 overseas trips by its principles, Walker International’s first and primary goal has been to establish dependable, responsible and loyal relationships with our suppliers on behalf of our clients.

In many cases, these relationships have evolved into long-term friendships wherein the owners of factories have sent their children to the United States, under the care of Walker’s management, to learn more about the “American way of business” and to improve their language skills.

Walker’s foreign suppliers have become an integral part of the commercial relationship and understand what the meaning of that relationship entails insofar as:

  • Frank and honest communication: “Good news” and “Bad news”
  • Timeliness of responses
  • Price
  • Timeliness of shipments
  • Quality
  • Contribution to innovation
  • Discovering and disclosing small problems before they become big ones and then solving them

The challenge in Pacific Rim has been to find factories that understand the responsibility and urgency required in such relationships. The challenge of North American companies is to find personnel who understand the cultural and commercial aspects that will insure trust and performance from the supplier.

Walker’s management, and our affiliated offshore factories, have met these challenges.

Each of our regional offices is a staffed by nationals. Our managers are university-trained, fluent in English, and provide our clients with assistance for regional distribution, bonded warehousing, consolidation, clearing country-of-origin Customs, replenishment and logistical transportation to satisfy the supply chain, oftentimes tasks not understood by North American importers.

Our staff forges relationships that deal with the dealmakers.

  • Reduce client risks
  • Allow clients to focus on core competencies without having to invest in people and technology to achieve the service efficiency we provide
  • Afford our clients greater accountability
  • Result in improved communications
  • Allow our clients to compete globally
  • Allow our clients to increase profitability and shareholder value through the new millennium.
  • Provide our clients with honest, realistic product development timetables
  • Walker offers clients a complete range of consulting services:
  • Research and due diligence
  • Procurement
  • Quality control and engineering support
  • Complete “turn-key” liaison office relationship with our client.

Global competitiveness and increased client profits

Our goal is to expose North American firms to the profit potential available in importing components and finished goods from reliable, quality-conscious and price competitive manufacturers in the Pacific Rim that engage in the relationship Walker requires.

Walker works directly with upper management from foreign factories to develop direct-from-the-supplier relationships for its American clients.

Walker deals with the people who make the deals. We leverage our culturally correct contacts at management levels above those of sales.

In the end Walker International will provide your company with a more successful globalization plan, and an accountable import / export service.

The result: an opportunity to improve your shareholder profits