???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As an importer, when you make your first contact with overseas suppliers, you may be impressed with their English-speaking abilities. Your requests for pricing, product data and shipping info are met with surprisingly good English replies. A good sign, right?  Not necessarily…

The English-Speaking Staff Is On The Front Lines

When your first contact is so positive, it’s natural to assume that your supplier is staffed with employees who have outstanding English comprehension. But the more likely scenario is that your source has just enough skill in foreign language to pull you in.

When you begin exchanging the more specific data involved with product and factory requirements, there’s a real possibility that very important English instructions will be complete misinterpreted.

Lost In Translation

Let’s say, for example, that you require a specific color of packaging. Will your request be understood if you put it into writing, or will you need to provide images and mock-ups?  The language barrier can be a bigger problem than you ever envisioned… and you might not even realize it until the finished goods arrive weeks or months later.

Overcome The Language Barrier With Walker’s Help

Avoid this potentially enormous pitfall by enlisting the help of the experts. Walker World Trade will help you overcome the most serious of language barriers so that your import operation can run smoothly. Call us today to find out how we can help you successfully do business with foreign-speaking suppliers.