???????????????????????????????????????????????????????Dealing with international suppliers is complicated and time-consuming. There is an awful lot involved with getting parts, materials, supplies and finished products from there to here. Fortunately, a China sourcing agency like Walker World Trade knows exactly what to do.

Delegate Your International Tasks To An Agency With Experience

Doing business with global suppliers can be extremely profitable… if you’ve done your homework. Before you can start, you’ll have to understand language and cultural barriers, online scams, overseas quality control, landed costs and trading laws. Walker World Trade has been in the business since 1936, and we know what exactly what it takes to get what you want from there to here.

Rely On Sourcing Experts For The Best Materials And Supplies

Looking for a legitimate supplier in China is no small task. Most business owners don’t have the time, personnel or resources to travel the world in search of quality goods. Thanks to decades of experience, Walker has a ready list of reliable suppliers to consider. If you’re in need of something new and unique, Walker World Trade is equipped to conduct factory checks and quality assessments for you. We’ll work diligently to get you the best prices and materials available.

WWT Does It By The Book

Unless you have staff dedicated to the business of international trade, you may find it overwhelming to manage the laws and restrictions involved with doing business globally. Companies importing foods or pharmaceuticals must abide by FDA or FCC constraints. And the vast majority of international trade is subject to customs, duty and tax fees.

As your international trade manager, Walker knows precisely which documents are required. And because we import in larger quantities, we have the ability to get lower fees on goods. We manage the details and do the leg work so you can reap the financial benefits of sourcing globally.

Don’t Underestimate Freight Forwarding Charges

You anticipate saving a bundle on the goods you buy from China, and then you discover the cost of getting it here. An international trade manager can keep the movement of your goods affordable. You won’t need to involve another company to get your goods from the international factory to your destination — Walker World Trade will take care of the freight forwarding for you.

Get ready to embark on your global adventure, and make sure you bring Walker World Trade along for the most profitable and hassle-free ride.