?????????????????????????????????The China manufacturers and suppliers you do business are focused on their bottom line – worrying about anti-dumping legislation and countervailing duty falls to you. An international trade manager will help you understand all of the rules and regulations involved so you don’t find yourself in hot water.

What Is Anti-Dumping?

Dumping is when a company exports goods at a price that is lower than what is being charged its home market… and it’s illegal. The World Trade Organization’s anti-dumping legislation helps protect native trade markets, and companies that violate such legislation can be forced out of business.

Walker Plays By The Rules

Before you source supplies, materials or products from China, consider using a sourcing agent like Walker World Trade. Walker can make sure that your imports are following the the codes of international trade. We will manage the entire process for you – from their door to yours.

What Are Countervailing Duties?

Countervailing duties are designed to curb the practice of dumping and to counter export subsidies. A country can launch an investigation if it suspects that products are being dumped, and the countervailing duty will be charged.

Avoid Hefty Fines

Don’t let unexpected taxes and duties destroy your bottom line. Walker is a trustworthy international trade manager that can take care of your freight forwarding and the plethora of corresponding documents that accompany it. We focus on what we do best so you can remain focused on your business.

Walker Is Your One-Stop Shop

WWT can conduct manufacturing sourcing for you, in additional to managing all of your international shipping and paperwork tasks. Via factory checks and product quality inspecting, we can help you find the best supplier for the goods you need. Contact Walker World Trade today and let them oversee the task of getting the goods from China to your doorstep.