?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The internet is a fantastic source for gathering information, but not everything you read on the world wide web is 100 percent true and accurate.  Take global sourcing, for example. Many companies that advertise on well-known internet search engine sites are trading companies, not global manufacturers. Do you know who you’re working with?

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None?

For the most part, trading companies are not focused on a specific industry. Rather, they often have relationships with companies from a variety of different industries. You may be sourcing coffee cups from an agent who is also in the business of selling automotive supplies and who knows what else.

Unfortunately, such indistinct sourcing is not apparent when you visit the agent’s website. As such, it can be challenging (and exasperating) to sufficiently qualify the companies that advertise on search engines. Is the company you discovered via internet research legitimate, or not?

Source With Confidence

Walker World Trade is a reputable, experienced, and trustworthy international trade management company. With WWT, you know exactly who it is you’re working with, and you can expect positive results instead of unending frustration of the unknowns surrounding global sourcing.

Walker has been in the business since 1936, sourcing and importing quality products that are price-competitive. We have established outstanding relationships with reliable global sources in a wide array of industries – some of our current connections were established more than 70 years ago!

Making It Work For Your Industry

If Walker has not yet serviced your industry or imported a product that you need, then we will rely on one of our pre-qualified sources to recommend a factory that does — from parts and material to finished products.

Stop spending too much time surfing the web for a manufacturer that potentially may be little more than unreliable trading company. Contact Walker World Trade today to establish global sourcing you can count on.