?????????????????????????????????????????Doing business, sight unseen, with foreign suppliers provides challenges both expected and unexpected. Whether or not your international venture will be profitable will depend largely on whether or not you can anticipate and plan for the bulk of these unknowns.

Stalled by Offshore Holidays

Unpleasant news and unpleasant possibilities should be cited before any import program begins. It is not at all unusual for a company to be surprised with news from the import agent that their cargo has been delayed due to “offshore holidays,” a Chinese New Year in China or Carnival in South America.

As an importer, you may base the date of cargo arrival to your warehouse on a shipping schedule that does not take into account the delays caused by holiday – simply because the offshore shipper failed to mention the holiday when you placed your order.

Anticipating Human Errors

Even international trade management experts can be surprised. Delays can be caused by unforeseen offshore circumstances: incompetence of the exporter’s shipping clerks, documents received in Chinese or Spanish instead of English, inept transmission of documents/documents sent to an incorrect address. As an importer, you should be made aware of all of the variables that could affect the timetable or schedule of your offshore shipments. The challenges involved are often more complex than get-rich-quick trade management companies may reveal.

Experienced trade management

Fortunately, Walker World Trade has been dealing with the “unknowns” since 1936. Our experience, along with the outstanding relationships we’ve developed with global exporters, will help you better prepare for those potential unexpected (and costly) delays. Contact Walker to find out our decades of experience can help you navigate the uncertainties of international trade.