?????????????????????????????????Most import/export companies do not commit trade violations intentionally. Rather, the most common mistakes that occur at the border result from a lack of knowledge. Is your organization in danger of committing these five frequent errors?

1. Inadequate resources for managing duty costs
2. Not up-to-date on current regulations
3. Not prepared for customs audits
4. Missed duty recoveries
5. Unreported values and adjustments

Moving product across borders involves a sufficient understanding of countless laws and regulations. Unless your organization has full-time staff and resources committed to this area, you may find unwittingly find yourself in violation of customs requirements.

The most efficient way to stay on top of the frequently changing regs is to rely on the experts. Walker World Trade has been committed to the successful import and export of goods for more than 76 years. We know the law and have built the relationships that make it easy for businesses like yours to do business internationally.

WWT can help you manage the operations of importing and exporting while controlling your costs and meeting compliance obligations.

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