Depositphotos_48831555_xsThe Logistics and Transportation page at recently addressed changes that U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) may face in 2014, as the agency shifts its focus on fighting terrorism to include more aggressive trade regulation.

Importers and exporters alike will want to stay abreast of potential changes affecting the import/export industry.

A Tougher CBP Will Lay Down The Law

*CBP is about to get a new, permanent commissioner to replace the recent string of temporary leaders. President Obama has nominated Richard Gil Kerlikowske to “facilitate legitimate travel and trade” while protecting our borders from terrorism, drugs, counterfeit and more.

*Expect to see a Customs reform bill that will move the focus of customs inspectors from individuals to containers and their contents. Traders and brokers, along with carriers, will be affected.

*The Border Patrol will likely increase importer audits, most of which result in violation discoveries and subsequent fines for importers. Discussion will continue regarding how high-risk cargoes are identified and flagged for inspection.

Find Out How Your Global Business May Be Affected

Understanding potential changes, and how they impact your international transactions, can be overwhelming and confusing. Walker World Trade will help you navigate the demands of this “new-and-improved” CBP. Contact us today!