??????????????????????????????When your product development process involves offshore global manufacturers, it helps to have a middle man to bridge potential gaps. Walker World Trade fits the bill, offering experience and expertise in offshore product design and prototyping.


Bring Your Best Ideas to Market

Taking a bright idea to market involves a number of critical steps. And when global partners are involved, the product development process becomes even more complex.

  1. Explore Your Idea:  A need is discovered and a product idea is born.
  2. Define Product Requirements: A list of product attributes, requirements and goals — a product specification document – will include information involving customer requirements, timing, quantities and more.
  3. Gather information: At this stage of the process, you must gather data. This is the time to search for patents, conduct market research and create a business plan.
  4. Design: The design step consists of two primary components: (1) the conceptual (or overall) design, and (2) the principal (or detailed) design.
  5. Prototyping: This is the design verification stage of product development and involves a variety of levels from simple handmade construction to complete representations of the final product.
  6. Production: The final production process typically includes the vendor selection, tool design, manufacturer’s input, component verification, assembly validation and launch of production.

Make Walker  a Member of Your Product Development Team

Walker World Trade has established relationships with offshore factories that have in-house engineers that understand American design and development requirements. Our offshore factories can work with everything from hand-made drawings to sophisticate AutoCads to provide efficient product design and prototype development.

Our global manufacturers have plenty of experience in dealing with American clients like you. Their state-of-the-art equipment and first-class manufacturing facilities give our clients what they want and need.

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