???????????????You researched demand, tested samples and worked out international pricing. The European market is ready for your product, but are you ready to ship?

Labeling Requirements Impact Landed Costs

International shipping can be complex… and expensive. There are precise and restrictive labeling requirements for product exports to Europe and, as an exporter, you may incur additional labeling costs as a result of such regulations.

Walker World Trade can arrange freight from your American facility to your European clients’ ship-to addresses. In addition to managing all U.S. Customs and Border Protection fees and document filings, Walker offers tariff classification, customs bond assistance, marine insurance and landed cost calculations. These calculations will give you a true cost of goods so you can determine your selling prices and profitability.

Stay On Top of Market Fluctuations

All of the services provided by Walker are completely itemized and transparent — you will never have to worry about hidden costs. The international shipping arena, however, is not static. You will likely encounter changes within ocean and air cargo markets that can affect your bottom line. Walker will keep you abreast of potential increases and decreases so you can adjust your costs and prices accordingly.

Walker Covers All Exporting Aspects

With a global network of freight forwarders and customs agents, Walker offers value-added export services that make conducting international business easier. You provide the necessary information about your cargo (e.g. location, description) and our agents do the rest.

Contact the experts at Walker World Trade before making any freight arrangements to Europe.