Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Sources, and B2B China Sources are familiar online marketplaces and directories – but just because something pops up first in an online search result does not automatically make it a legitimate and reliable resource for global sourcing.

How can you know what resources are reliable and trustworthy? How do you know if a factory that advertises on one of these giant online marketplaces is reputable? The answer is very straightforward: You can’t know by virtue of an ad or by the website itself.

It takes a global village

Trustworthy China manufacturers are unlikely to advertise on an online marketplace because, simply enough, they don’t have to – they have a solid reputation through global sourcing agents and that keeps them busy enough. A company that advertises through a large online directory may have the means to do so, but that doesn’t automatically make them creditable. An enterprise that has a flashy, well-designed website may seem authentic, but all it takes is a little bit of money to look good online. An impressive website does not a verifiable company make.

One of an import management company’s roles is to do the behind-the-scenes research on overseas suppliers so you can trust that you will receive the products you ordered and that they will be of a high quality. Sourcing agents already have a list of qualified suppliers who have earned a solid rating and respectability. Sourcing agents do what the internet cannot – investigate and guarantee legitimacy.

Beware of offshore frauds online

Just like any internet ad, many companies claim to be something that they are not. Made-in-China companies might allege through their ads or marketplace listing that they are a “manufacturer” or “factory” when in fact they are not.

If you choose to make contact with made-in-China companies on your own, without the help of a global sourcing agent, keep a few things in mind. When communicating with representatives of the company, be aware that the promptness of a response to requests for information or the manufacturer’s willingness to send samples may indicate legitimacy. A reluctance to engage or offer specifics on a supplier’s part is a red flag.

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