“Can you make this? And what’s my cost?” WalkerWorldTrade provides feasibility and cost analysis services

WalkerWorldTrade knows that all of our clients want to know if we can make the products they want outsourced, at what cost and the product development / prototype timetable. Our first task is to understand the products and your goals and objectives, i.e. to establish a relationship with you, the client. After that we’ll send you a proposal that will outline everything.  It’s important that our clients understand the challenges of global sourcing and importing.

You have a great idea, an invention? Here’s a real life story: WalkerWorldTrade develops unique hardware items for inventor

Two years ago a self-employed building contractor contacted WalkerWorldTrade. He had invented two unique building-trade items. He needed a company that would manage the entire import process:  product development, packaging and freight. Money was a problem and he had a full-time job. After two years of patient product re-designs and development, WalkerWorldTrade is proud to announce the client recently signed contracts with large North American hardware companies.

What sets WalkerWorldTrade apart from other importers?

 WalkerWorldTrade is aligned with over 400 worldwide factories. Walker’s relationships with these global sources provide our clients with a network of qualified, price competitive and quality driven manufacturers. 75 worldwide offices coordinate freight for our clients. WalkerWorldTrade clients begin their relationship with a ‘one-stop-shop’ advantage over other importers. However, the most important component to a successful import transaction that maximizes your profit is a trustworthy relationship between your company, its international trade advisor and the offshore supplier. No other importer can make the claims that WalkerWorldTrade can claim regarding relationships. We’ve been doing it since 1936.

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