The Hidden Costs of Sourcing Metal Castings from China

????????????????????The U.S. automotive industry is always in need of metal castings, but did you know that about 30 percent of the nation’s castings consumption is imported from China? What was once an attractive option for U.S. end […]

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The World’s Largest Importer and Exporter of Metal

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The U.S. is the world’s largest importer of metal, according to China, of course, is the world’s largest exporter — and those exports include iron and steel. So it comes as no surprise that Americans are constantly on the lookout for […]

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Sourcing and Importing Plastics from China

???????????????????????????Plastic materials make our lives easier. They’re so commonplace that the average consumer never gives them a second thought. But for manufacturers who rely on plastics to construct their products, there is little else on their minds. And one of the major considerations regarding plastics […]

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Understanding the Numbers: U.S. Trade in Goods, 2014

touch- tablet in handsHave you ever wondered about the bigger picture surrounding your international trade business? How much do your imports or exports contribute to our nation’s presence around the world. The U.S. Census Bureau tracks trade in goods numbers. […]

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American Farmers Set New Record for Exports

??????????????????????????????????????????Fiscal year 2014 was a good year for U.S. ranchers and farmers. The thriving industry exported a record $152.5 billion of food and agricultural products worldwide, an increase of $11.6 billion over 2013.

The six-year period leading up to and including FY 2014 is the industry’s […]

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Go International Without Increasing Staff

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You can enter the import-export business without hiring full-time staff. Walker World Trade can fill the void for you. Here’s how:

We Are the Go-To Experts for International Traders

WWT specializes in international trade. […]

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Top 5 Challenges of Importing: Are You Prepared?

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You may be tempted to source an international manufacturer on your own, but the process is long and complex. An international trade manager such as Walker World Trade can help you overcome not only communication barriers, but some of these complicated import issues as well:

1:  […]

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International Transport: Should You Choose Ocean Freight or Air Freight?

???????????????????????????????????????????????????Whether you are importing or exporting goods across the ocean, you will have to, at some point, decide how you want product to get from point A to point B. Before you decide, consider the following three factors:


With your budget and bottom line in mind, […]

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Challenges of Cross-Border Digital Trade

??????????????????????The internet has opened up global trade and leveled the playing field for big companies and small cottage industries worldwide. Digital communication has helped boost trade among a large number of countries, but importing companies still face a number of obstacles, including lack of information, customs barriers, and differences […]

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Vikings: The First International Traders?

Depositphotos_43928957_xsThe Viking Age (8th century-11th century) calls to mind the bloodthirsty savagery of the infamous pirates. But did you know that the Vikings were also accomplished global tradesmen?

The Vikings took advantages of the prominent technological advances of their time. Manufacturing improvements (such as looms and […]

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